Failed to open AC3 files? Convert them first! This article explains how to convert AC3 audio files to the widely supported MP3 format on Mac OS X platform.

Owning to your personal enjoyment or for professional projects, when you start downloading music files, you will need to make sure that all of the audio files are in a convenient format that is accessible from every device. As an example, in order to play on their smart phones, MP3 players, or even video game consoles, most people need their audio files to be MP3s. As conversion technology becomes more and more popular, users are now able to convert relatively any type of file into the file type that they need, including AC3 to MP3.

What is AC3?

AC3 is an audio format for surround audio files used on DVDs format. Its compression method was created by Dolby Labs for use in a Dolby Digital audio on DVD, Blu-ray and other digital video formats. AC-3 stands for Audio Coding 3. In order for the file to be correctly decoded and output, a DVD player with a Dolby Digital compatible home cinema system is required. It became the de facto standard for surround sound, and has held that position since its inception in 1992, with it coming to home cinema in 1995.

AC3 allows for separate audio to be defined for each of the 6 speakers in the standard cinema and home cinema setup. This produces the effect of surround sound to the person listening to the audio file. The six channels consist of right front, center, left front, rear right, rear left and a sub woofer.

What’s the best AC3 to MP3 Converter for Mac

Sometimes, you may have the request to convert AC3 to MP3 for playback on your Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony or other devices, or burning to CD, etc.

Featuring simple and intuitive interface, fast conversion speed, as well as great ability to handle almost all audio/video formats, Gmagon TryToMP3 is positioned as one of the best AC3 to MP3 Converter for Mac. Check a quick guide on how to convert AC3 to MP3 on Mac via using this app.

How to convert AC3 to MP3 on Mac?

Step 1: Install and run Gmagon TryToMP3 on your Mac. Click “Continue” to try it out or click “Buy” to purchase it directly.

Step 2: After clicking “Continue”, switch to “Convert”, and the following interface will show up.

Step 3: Click “Import files” or “Import directory” to add AC3 video files that you want to convert to mp3.

Step 4: Click “Output directory” to set output path. When ready, click “Convert” to start.

Step 5: When the conversion is complete, click “Reveal in Folder” to find the generated MP3 files.

With the best AC3 to MP3 converter installed on your Mac, you can easily convert audio files from AC3 format to MP3 in batch mode. Hope this helps.

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