In this article, you will start your journey towards adding text styling with CSS code. It is not easy for novice to generator precise CSS code, so an easy-to-use and advanced CSS generator tool is necessary to let them get rid of routine coding. Gmagon CSS Maker-a powerful and advanced CSS2/CSS3 generator on Mac that allows you creating a nice look without writing a code.

Generating text styling with CSS is one of the powerful functions of Gmagon CSS Maker. It provides style sheet with options that you need, like text size, color, font, text-stroke, text-shadow, and text-bevel,etc. Once you click a style sheet, you will get the text preview automatically, then get the corresponding CSS code. It is such a simple and great way to create and change the text style in the procession of coding. If you are interested in our product, you can see more details in here

what is CSS text?

Text and font properties in the Cascading Style Sheets serve to set the appearance of individual characters in a word or line of text, including text color, text size, font, shadow, bevel, etc.

How to insert text with CSS on Mac?

  1. You can download and install Gmagon CSS Maker on you Mac machine(macOS 10.7(64-bit) or newer is required):

  1. Run the Gmagon CSS Maker on your Mac, click “Continue” to open it. Double click the graph and input your text.

  2. Click the “Text” sheet, you can choose the size, position, font, style and transformation of the text.

  3. In “Text-Shadow” sheet, you can make your text be blur, pan its shadow vertically and horizontally, and change its color as you wish.

  4. When you want to add visual depth to your text, you need to use this text-bevel function. Increasing he height of bevel helps to create a 3-dimensional look to the face of your text.

Hope this article will solve your problems and make your life more convenient than ever. We’d like to receive and answer any question from you, if you are willing to communicate with us, you can join in Support Center to enter our community.

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