Favorite pitches from Alchemist Accelerator’s 16th batch

Our favorite pitches from Alchemist Accelerator’s 16th batch

Posted10 minutes agobyJohn Mannes

Alchemist Accelerator, known for its specialty in working with enterprise startups, held its 16th demo day at Microsoft’s offices in Mountain View, California. 18 startups pitched ideas ranging from more traditional marketplaces to frontier aerospace technology.

Addressing the packed auditorium before the pitches began, Ravi Belani, managing partner at Alchemist, reasserted his core mission to surface and support startups serving the unsexy corners of the enterprise. The 16th class of Alchemist did that vision justice, venturing into uncertain territory while remaining anchored to macro growth trends in blockchain and machine intelligence.

We spent the afternoon listening to the founders in the batch and are including some background on five of the pitches we found most interesting.



The most ambitious of the bunch,Savionwants to completely upend air travel with its personal planes. By securing patents for the use of natural gas on airplanes, Savion hopes to cut the cost of operations enough to make personal planes cheap enough to attract mainstream customers.

Some of this cost reduction will be driven by natural gas and some of it will be driven by moving piloting to the ground. The startup already has $68 million wrapped up in letters of intent but it will need substantially more to actually build and deliver its planes.



CLEOis building a real time video intelligence platform for monitoring people and assets. With an 87 percent margin and $500,000 in ARR, the startup is targeting use cases in psychiatric care and safety.

CLEO’s computer vision stack can track behavior and monitor patients. The team has traction in three institutions and is actively looking to expand.



Mycrophoneis turning smartphones into microphones. Audio setups for events can be incredibly expensive and time consuming. And even when they work, they often rely on inefficient mic runners to ensure inclusiveness. In contrast, Mycrophone uses wifi networks to transmit audio signals.

The company is using specialty algorithms to minimize latency and suppress feedback and echo. Mycrophone can empower attendees with smartphones to take advantage of AV infrastructure at a reduced cost.



Grooveis on a mission to beat LinkedIn at recruiting by getting back to basics and simplifying the process of finding a job. With a strong Facebook integration, users can schedule phone screenings with recruiters directly from their Newsfeeds.

This removes friction and ideally increases the likelihood that someone who sees a job opening actually ends up applying and speaking to a recruiter. Part of the beauty is the sheer scale advantage of the Facebook ecosystem over LinkedIn.

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