Alibaba Could Lose Anything But Idealism, Said Jack Ma at Alibaba’s 2017 Annual Gala

Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group

During the 18th Anniversary Gala held on the evening of September 9th, Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group, delivered a speech near the end.

In the speech, Jack again defined Alibaba as an economy instead of a company.

“Today, Taobao has already grown into an economy. From the aspect of business scale, Alibaba has already become the 21st biggest economy in the world. In nineteen years, we shall build the 5th biggest economy in the world,” Jack said.

Jack explained that the difference between an economy and an ordinary company was that while a company needed to take into consideration its own interest, an economy has to take on social responsibilities. Jack wished that when Alibaba became the 5th biggest economy, it could provide job opportunities for over 100 million people all over the world, serve over 2 billion consumers in total and create a revenue-making platform for 10 million small and mid-sized companies.

According to Jack, Alibaba’s “idealism” was what helped support Alibaba for 18 years. What worried him most, however, was seeing employees lose idealism after they seemed to have everything. He reiterated that Alibaba could lose anything but “idealism”.

Jack warned that Alibaba’s employees could be proud of their achievement, but not arrogant and imperious.

“I hate it when I heard people complaining that Alibaba’s employees had become too arrogant when negotiating with people from other companies, believing that they were really equal to something. For sure, since our business is too wide-range, we can be found almost everywhere. However, we are everywhere not because we seek profit everything, but because we try to improve things everywhere,” Jack pointed out that last.


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Translated by Levin Feng (Senior Translator atPAGE TO PAGE), working for TMTpost.