How to Access iCloud Photos from Your PC

Your iCloud account allows you to keep all of your Apple devices synced and connected, but you can also use it to access your iCloud content from your Windows PC. By using the iCloud website or the iCloud for Windows utility, you can access your iCloud Photos and other iCloud data from any computer.

Method1 Using the iCloud Website

1.Log into using your Apple ID.
You can access your iCloud Photo Library from any computer by using the iCloud website. Make sure to log in with the same Apple ID that you use for your iCloud Photo Library.

2.Click the “Photos” option.
This will load your iCloud Photo Library. It may take a while to load for the first time.

3.Browse the photos in your iCloud Photo Library.
You’ll be able to find photos from all of your iCloud-enabled devices once the Photos section loads. Photos that you have just taken with a device may not appear until that device uploads the photos, which usually happens within a few minutes.

  • The Moments tab displays your recent photos sorted by date.
  • The Albums tab will allow you to see your various albums.

4.Click a photo to view it full-size.
Clicking a photo in the browser will open it and allow you to view it in its actual size.

  • Click the “<” and “>” buttons to move to the previous or next picture in the album.

5.Delete a photo by clicking the Trash button.
You’ll see this in the upper-right corner when you have a photo open. Deleting the photo will delete it from all of your synced devices.

6.Click the “Select Photos” button to select multiple photos.
You’ll find this button in the upper-right corner when viewing an album. After clicking “Select Photos,” you can click each photo you want to select. This will allow you to download or delete multiple photos at once.

7.Click “Download” to download your selected images.
They will be downloaded to your browser’s default download folder, usually “Downloads.”

8.Click the “Delete” button to delete the selected photos.
All of the photos you’ve selected will be deleted from all of your synced devices.

9.Click the “Add To” button to add selected photos to an album.
You can select from any of your existing albums or create a new one in the pop-up menu that appears.

Method2 Using the iCloud for Windows

1.Download the iCloud for Windows installer.
By installing iCloud for Windows, your iCloud photos will be synced with a special folder on your computer. This will allow you to easily access your photos like you would any file on your computer.

  • You can download the installer from

2.Run the installer and accept the license.
Once you read and accept the license, iCloud for Windows will begin installing.

  • You can usually find the installer in your browser’s default downloads folder, typically “Downloads.”

3.Wait while iCloud for Windows installs.
This should only take a few moments to complete.

4.Launch iCloud for Windows and sign in with your Apple ID.
You’ll be prompted to sign in when you first launch the program.

  • You can quickly launch iCloud for Windows by pressing ⊞Win and typing “iCloud.”

5.Check the “Photos” box.
This will tell iCloud to sync your iCloud Photo Library with your Windows computer. iCloud will create a special folder for your iCloud Photos that you’ll be able to easily access in Windows Explorer.

  • You can check the boxes for other iCloud content that you want to sync with your Windows computer as well.

6.Click “Apply” to save your changes.
iCloud will create the iCloud Photos folder on your computer and begin downloading your iCloud Photo Library to it. This may take a while for larger libraries.

7.Find your “iCloud Photos” folder.
You can quickly access your iCloud Photos folder from Windows Explorer (⊞Win + E). Look for the “iCloud Photos” entry in the Favorites section of the sidebar, or in the “Computer”/“This PC” window.

8.Add photos to your iCloud Photo Library to view on other devices.
Any photos that you add to your iCloud Photos folder on your Windows PC will be uploaded to your iCloud Photo Library and will be accessible from any of your iCloud-connected devices. It may take a few minutes for new photos to appear on other devices.

9.Delete photos from your iCloud Photos folder to remove them on all devices.
Any photos deleted from the “iCloud Photos” folder will be permanently removed from your iCloud Photo Library on all of your devices.