Fitbit’s First Ionic Smart Watch

After several months of rumors and reports of problems with Fitbit’s ionic smart watch; the CEO of Fitbit finally introduced Fitbit ionic smartwatch. The watch is all set to compete with the best smart watches like Apple Watch and Samsung Gear.

The watch will be released in October 2017 along with the arrival of wireless headphones called “Fitbit Flyer” and a new version of fitbit’s smart scale called Aria2. The smart watch will launch the new fitbit OS and app ecosystem called“App Gallery”.
The fitbit ionic smartwatch has all the activity tracking features along with the smartwatch features like builtin music player, NFC payments and attractive digital screen.

“We’re not introducing a smartwatch just to introduce a smartwatch, We feel strongly that smart watches are a platform to deliver the most advanced health tools the market has seen.” Fitbit CEO James Park said at the pre-launch event.

Fitbit Ionic is packed with infrared and optical sensors along with an accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor altimeter, and heart rate monitor. It is equipped with NFC wireless tech with a support from American Express, MasterCard, and Visa card.

The Ionic smartwatch is now actually a thing and we are really very excited about its launch to see how it works.Ionic mobile app development technology is invading in all the major platforms and soon going to be the top framework for hybrid mobile app development.