Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Building Strong Online Buzz with Teasers And Promos

Can Xiaomi rain on Apple’s parade byunveiling its “full screen 2.0” flagship mobile devicethe day beforethe most highly anticipated iPhone release in history? Obviously not, but all signs seem to point to theMi MIX 2 launching in higher numbers andlooking even better than itsremarkably eye-catching predecessor.

According to the Chinese company’s very active CEO on local social media of late, “mass production” is already underway. There was nothingmass-oriented aboutthe original Mi MIX, mind you, so we have every reason to expect significantly lesslimited availability this time around.

The second-generation“concept”is also the protagonist of a fairly aggressive marketing campaign, building strong online buzz with various teasers and promos focused largely on its barely visible bezels.

Last year’s obtrusive “chin” has been reduced to a minimum, as you can notice in a series of images outlining the new phone’s general shape and contour. It’s definitely possible the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 willbreak the 90 percent screen-to-body ratio barrier, packing a Snapdragon 835 processor for top-shelf raw speed, as confirmed by Qualcomm’s own official Weibo account.

That’s clearly no big surprise, since we’re dealing with an ultra-high-end handset through and through, although some may have hoped to see the SD836 debut inside the Mi MIX 2.The honor should go to Google after all, and just to generate a little extra excitement, Lei Jun has a few pics to share of the fancy retail box you’ll get his company’s next hero device shipped in… if you’re lucky.

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Qualcomm (Weibo)


Lei Jun (Weibo)

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Android,China,Mi MIX,Mi MIX 2,News,Rumors,Xiaomi

Android,China,Mi MIX,Mi MIX 2,News,Rumors,Xiaomi

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