The Tutorial of Printing Remainders Lists from A Mac

If you use the Reminders app on the Mac, you may wish to print out a reminders list, maybe it’s a grocery list or a checklist of things you need to do. Curiously, the Reminders app for Mac does not include the ability to print, however. So how do you print a reminders list from a Mac or reminders in iCloud?

This guide will show you how to print reminders lists from a Mac, this is using a workaround method that offers perhaps the simplest way to print out reminders in MacOS. You can use this method to print any reminders list whether it’s on the Mac or whether the reminders are synced to the Mac over iCloud from an iPhone or iPad does not matter.

How to Print Reminders Lists on the Mac

  1. Open Reminders on the Mac and select the reminders list you want to print out
  2. Click just to the right of an item in the Reminders list so that the reminder is selected (usually indicated by turning slightly grey)

  3. Now go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Select All” (or you can hit Command+A) to select all reminders in the list

  4. Go back to the “Edit” menu and choose “Copy”

  5. Now open the app called TextEdit in Mac OS (or you can open Pages app or another text editor if you’d prefer) and create a new blank document

  6. Pull down the ‘Edit’ Menu and choose “Paste” to paste the reminders list into the open blank text document

  7. Modify the formatting of the reminders list if desired

  8. Now to the “File” menu and choose “Print” as usual from TextEdit, Pages, or your word processor of choice

That’s it, the reminders list will now print, or you can choose toprint as a PDF if desired.

This is helpful for obvious reasons, whether it’s to print out a grocery list, a general to-do list (remember you canadd to Reminders with Siri for locations,what you’re looking at on screen, and much more), a task list or items list, or so much more.

Once the reminders are printed out you can always delete them from the Mac, but note if they’re synced via iCloud then you will find they’ll also be removed from an iPhone or iPad too – and vice versa of course, if youdelete all reminders lists on an iPhone or iPadusing iCloud to sync them then those corresponding reminders will also be lost from the Mac.

And yes, in case you were wondering, at the moment in order to print a reminders list on the Mac, you must copy the reminders list and then paste it into another app that supports printing. Why the Reminders app in Mac OS and Mac OS X does not support printing is a bit of a mystery, but perhaps future versions of the reminders application for Mac will gain the printing ability without using copy and paste.

Can you print Reminders lists from the iPhone or iPad?

Currently there is no way to print reminders lists from the iOS Reminders app either.

Thus if you want to print a reminder from an iPhone or iPad, you may want to justsearch for it in iOS, share it with yourself or a Mac user, then use the directions above to print the reminders list from the Mac. Perhaps a future version of Reminders for iOS will also gain the printing feature.

Know of another trick to print out reminders from Mac OS or iOS? Let us know in the comments!