GNOME Shell search results are looking much improved

GNOME Shell search results are looking much improved in GNOME 3.26, which is due for release in early September.

GNOME developer_Rares Visalom_details work he’s done to refine GNOME Shell search resultsas part of this year’s Google Summer of Codein a new blog post— and as you’ll see in the images below, the results speak for themselves.

Here’s what the current GNOME Shell search page looks like as of GNOME 3.24:

It’s not terrible, is it? Perfect functional. But it doesn’t make the best use of screen space, has a few alignment issues, and (from experience) doesn’t work great on lower resolution displays.

Here’s what the same page with the same search term looks like in GNOME 3.26:

Instantly you can see there aremore results on screen but, mercifully, things_don’t_look cluttered or overfilled.

This is is a tough balancing act to achieve; show too many results and the page becomes dense, making it hard for users to find what they’re looking for. But show too few results or information and the page becomes useless.

Helping to improve the readability are new visible separators and text labels for each app (and associated results). This change in particular makes it far easier to see what specific results relate to (and thus what the search screen is trying to tell you about them).

Other tweaks include improvedalignmentof app icons, better placement of metadata snippets, and the use of ellipses to trail overly long descriptions.

Combined, these changes create a morecohesive, and much cleaner page.

On a related note, GNOME 3.26 lets you now search for session actions through the overview — meaning you can now keyboard smack your way to a reboot:

These are small changes, but ones that, in my opinion, do make a big difference.