CleanMyMac keeps your Mac running in peak form

CleanMyMac 3 will keep your Mac humming.

Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Your Mac is a mighty machine. But like any machine, it requires regular maintenance to stay running at top form. Except that with Macs you don’t need a mechanic, just the right software.

CleanMyMac is a go-to tool for Mac users who want to keep their drives in top shape. That’s because it packs a suite of tools for cleaning, optimizing and maintaining any Mac drive, removing gigabytes of junk files and monitoring for issues in the background. And right now you can get the latest version, CleanMyMac 3, for just $27.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

The main feature of CMM is its targeting of the junk files that pile up in any Mac. So it zaps old log files, unused language files, iTunes backups, outdated caches and other stuff. Additionally, it runs scheduled or background scans your system to keep an eye on issues before them become problems. CMM aims to make everything simple, with usually just one or two clicks needed to run a check. The result is an app that’s quite good at finding hidden files that gum up the works. So you can trim gigabytes from your photo library without losing a single picture, clean up Mail attachments, signatures and clips, empty all trash bins, and more.