All the computer science knowledge topology in the world


The universal knowledge topology connects all the computer science knowledge in the world.

And all of us can open an issue to share your story or raise a question, discuss about it, and precipitate this as available knowledge.

Gradually, we can build up a lot of nodes of knowledge, finally building the topology.

What will we build

All opinions and knowledge about computer science are welcomed. With the worldwide people’s effort, we can exchange and inspect what we know and don’t know, and we will build a huge topology, which can be used to fed more.







  • How to contribute?

It’s easy. You may just start by opening an issue.

  • Can I only use english?

No, it depends on you. But we think that it’s more friendly to use a common language like english, and all programmers can benift from it.

  • Are there any limits in programming language?

No, all programming languages are welcomed.

  • Why must I use issue here rather than document file?

Because it’s easier to raise something than write a document file and we hope all of use can discuss about the issue in an independent context.