HTML 5.2 Now A Candidate Recommendation

Now a W3C Candidate Recommendation, the HTML 5.2 spec defines the second minor revision of HTML. A few things are up for potential deprecation including the ‘menu’ and ‘dialog’ elements.


The Languages Which Almost Became CSS

The history of all the languages which_almost_became CSS and the development of the styled web.

Zack Bloom

Make your website content editable for anyone on your team

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Inside Mozilla: Firefox Fights Back

Mozilla is preparing to outmanoeuvre Google’s Chrome browser, beginning with the release of Firefox 57 in November.

Stephen Shankland

10 Guidelines to Improve Your Web Accessibility

Some guidelines to improve the accessibility of your site from color choices through to helpful tools and HTML element choices.

Eva Ferreira

Firefox 55: First Desktop Browser to Support WebVR

Firefox on Windows is the first desktop browser to support the new WebVR standard(with macOS support ready now in Firefox Nightly).

Mozilla Hacks

Changes to the Grid Spec, and Multi-Column Layouts

grid-gapproperties are changing in favour of more genericgap,column-gapandrow-gapproperties.

Rachel Andrew


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In Brief

CSS Containment Module Level 1: W3C Recommendationnews


W3C Launches a WebAssembly Working Groupnews

Bradley Nelson

Service Worker Support Coming to Safarinews

Initial implementation steps in Safari appear to be taking place.

Maxim Salnikov

Companies Are Losing Web Accessibility Lawsuitsnews

The ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ means companies cannot discriminate.

Lainey Feingold

Critical CSS & Webpack: Automatically Minimize Render-Blocking CSStutorial

Anthony Gore

The new front end: building experiences for devices, Facebook & mobiletutorial

The final blog post in a series examining technologies that are driving the development of modern web and mobile applications.


If You Hate FOUT, ‘font-display: optional’ Might Be Your Jamtutorial

Your options to avoid showing a ‘Flash of Unstyled Text’.

Chris Coyier

6 Ways to Detect Chrome Headlesstutorial

If you want to detect bots, perhaps.

Antoine Vastel

Focusing on Focustutorial

Mouse and keyword handle focus differently, and the behaviour can change depending on what browser you use. Chris runs through why that matters for accessibility and offers a solution.

Chris DeMars

Keyboard-Only Focustutorial

Another look at:focusvariation between browsers.

Roman Komarov

Are You Concerned About Accessibility?tutorial

How to educate developers on creating accessible websites.

Daniela Matos de Carvalho

Solving CSS Versioning Conflictstutorial

How New Relic’s engineering teams solve CSS versioning conflicts.

Javier Sánchez-Marín

A Designer’s Guide to Flexbox and Gridtutorial

Jon Yablonski

Using CSS to Detect and Count Prime Numberstutorial

Crazy but fun.Demo here.


The Flash Games Postmortemvideo

Kongregate’s John Cooney looks at the immense history of Flash games.

Game Developers Conference

After a 23-Year Wait, WebVR Ships Todaystory

The tale of the history of VR on the Web.

Sean White

Web Maker: How I Built a Fast, Offline Frontend Playgroundstory

Kushagra Gour

Resolving CSS Gridlockopinion

Matthias Ott

A CSS Grid Highlighter for Chrometools

Adem Ilter

DisplayJS: A Simple, Lightweight JS Framework for Building Ambitious UIstools

Arthur Guiot

Analyze web app performance in real timetools

Collect custom metrics from your servers, dbs, and 200+ techs. Start visualizing and alerting in minutes.

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JPNG.svg: Combine PNG Transparency with the Compression of a JPEGtools

A drag and drop tool that compresses large transparent images.

Stephen Shaw