Bid Farewell to These 6 Worst Website Design Habits

Your website is the primary online identity of your business. Hence, it has to be flawless. It is the space through which your potential clients can gather all their information on your company. A well designedweb designcan make or break your business. Hence, it is crucial that you avoid some of the common design mistakes which do not speak well to the visitors.

Lack of User Friendliness

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while designing your website is its user friendliness. You cannot assume all of your visitors to be extremely tech savvy. If your website is not easy to access and browse through for users of different levels of technological competence, it can give rise to frustration, which in turn, will make them customers abandon your space. Therefore, make sure all the necessary content or contact information is displayed clearly. Use easily accessible menu tabs, call to action buttons and whatever else it takes to ensure a smooth experience for your visitors.

Thoughtless use of Colors

It is important to know what your company represents and how to present all of it though your web design. Using the right kind of color scheme and design is crucial else you might end updamaging your company’s image. Choose your colors wisely, keeping in mind the image you want to portray. Keep it simple but stunning. First, decide if you want a complimentary or contrasting color scheme, and once decided, stick to it.

Lack of White Space

If there is one thing that annoys a visitor infinitely, it is the lack of white space. White space is a stretch of blank space on your website, which is intended to strike a balance between the matter so as to ensure a better view of the content. Gone are the shiny, glittery designs of the nineties where websites tend to cram everything into one page. Minimalism offers a clean look which helps your viewer focus on the content better.

Autoplays and Pop Ups

Often websites choose to include a small pop up page to ask their users to register or to advertise their content but it is not an advisable design. Concentrate more on the content than on such mindless advertisement. If your website is informative and well structured, viewers will automatically choose to register or look into your other content. Don’t distract your visitors with an annoying pop up. Similarly, autoplay can be an extremely infuriating feature on a website. For example, if someone is checking your website out at work or on a cab, it can be frustrating if anmusic starts playing automatically. Give your users the choice to play it instead of forcing it upon them.

Slow Loading Design

Always keep this in mind that your viewers will not spend an extra second waiting for your website to load. Therefore, make sure that your website is not too loaded to compromise loading speed. You can get rid of heavy designs like carousels, too many pictures, videos, etc., which slow down the loading process. Make sure you put only the most essential content on your page above the fold. Your user will not mind scrolling over to the next page but aslow loading page will definitely make you lose out on visitors.

Non Responsive Design

As more and more people are shifting to hand held mobile devices to access the internet, it is almost a crime to not make your website mobile responsive. Lack of responsiveness will not only make your website difficult to view on a smaller device like a tablet or a mobile phone, it will also push down your ratings on the Google search, which can be disastrous for any website.

Design your website wisely as it is the face of your company. It is what gives your potential clients an idea about your organization and helps you turn your visitors into clients. Hence, avoid these mistakes to ensure an excellent viewing experience for your visitors.

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