Is 30 Years Old GIF Still Popular Now?

Several days ago, Facebook has been celebrated the 30 years birthday to the most popular image format-GIF. GIF born on June 15, 1987 which stands a big step up from its old black-and-white graphics.

Maybe you cannot comprehend what actually GIF is, but you must familiar with this:

That’s right, memes in your phone is made of GIF format, which you always use when talking with someone in your social network and can’t stop using it, just as following:

Memes has been popular just in recent years, but GIF is ancient in the Web, maybe older than you…

There has been a haunting question about GIF is how to pronounce it.

some say it it pronounced with a soft G, like “jiff.” Others with a hard G, like “ghiff.”

Fortunately, most dictionaries accept both pronunciations as correct. So you can read it as what you want.

GIF has a rival, called APNG or animated PNG, “it is a high quality animated image format complete with full alpha channel and graceful degradation has been available and usable since 2004.” The major advantage of APNG versus an animated GIF is image quality. APNGs simply look better, especially on a wider variety of backgrounds, and there’s already support baked into both Firefox and Opera; Chrome users can download an extension to support APNG files.

The good news is you can easily convert you GIF files to APNG through the free tool:

Gmagon Gif

Maybe we should feel grateful for those GIF or memes that brings much happiness to us.