Men's Deep Voice

How do you enjoy your spare time ?

  • Listening music; Reading books,
  • Watching movies; Shopping,
  • Drinking coffee with some of your friends or any thing else.

I have a strange hobby that I like be surrounded by voices when I am alone, by the way I am now with headphone in my ears intoxicated with Benedict Cumberbatch’ s voice. I’m mad about his deep, low-pitched voice.

Hearing his low, husky voice, it is charming and may have a gravitational attraction, I want to move closer to him. Imaging his evil & handsome face while holding a obstinate unruly smile. Oh, I love it

It is amazing that most of my girlfriends like men’s deep voices.

We love it, and just instantly find ourselves having a huge crush on men with deep voices. No idea how that happens, but it just does.

  • The moment when the men enter a room and start talking. Just want to “beg” he to talk more. we’ re all ears.
  • They sometimes come across intimidating, and in some cases that can be really attractive.
  • Their voice speaks volumes about their confidence and powerful. Who doesn’t like confident men?
  • Their voice also sounds comforting. They come across as someone who will protect us.
  • Men with deep voices also somehow know how to take charge of the situation. And women do love men who are good decision makers and can take control over situations.
  • Lastly, they simply sound sexy All.

Haha , do you have the same feelings ? Just enjoy…