Tape Rewind

On rainy day
Finding a quiet place.
With A cop of coffee; A book; A song
Recalling the past, thinking about the future.
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.
Day after day.
A history of recurrent after another.

I am the one who like recalling, one of my friends said when you began to recall, it means you are old…Maybe, ha ha…

When it comes to memory, you may notice that I have mentioned Walk Man in my previous essay, but can’t find it for a long time, then began to search in internet , find an interesting video “KIDS REACT TO WALKMAN (Portable Cassette Players)”

Below the video , I notice some interesting comments :

1.Considering most of children in the video were born in the 2000’s, they should’ve seen VCRs and VHS tapes and cassette players. What a sad thing it is .

2.I’m only 12, but I think old technology is so cool. Without it, there would be no iPhones, iPads, laptops, or anything like that. All of these things like cassette tapes started all of this. I think more people need to appreciate things like this. I’m not hating, I’m just saying people need to appreciate this.

3.Don’t feel sorry for us growing up in the 90’s ( Also for me in 80’s ). I feel sorry for kids growing up now, everything is to easy today. I still prefer my old NES with the original Super Mario and Zelda over today’s ps3/4 and those new call of duty games… Growing up in the 90’s was one of the greatest thing I can imagine!

After seeing these , my memory turns back to the time when I am in school, I remember that every classmate carried Walk Man in their backpack everyday, every night we have to charge the batteries,(or it will be power off) ,then next day equipped Walk Man with them, put a tape which has nice songs into Walk Man , listened the songs , if you want to listen the song twice , you can rewind the tape; Years later we had MP3 , it is more convenient, we can charge the MP3 directly, download music in the Internet ,and can listen to a song recycling many times …

In this rainy day, listening the song “Try “again and again…
I love the feelings that headphone in my ears with beautiful sounds. Just enjoy…