A Hero In Your Heart

Headphones in my ears with a beautiful song Hero…

I enjoy the melody and the lyrics:

“There’s a hero, if you look inside your heart,

you don’t have to be afraid of what you are.

There’s an answer. If you reach into your soul.

And the sorrow that you know, will melt away…”

I once saw a saying in a blog “you may not fancy a certain singer, but you must like listening music, because some melodies or lyrics show things for the occasion you like, or both of the two.”

I enjoy wearing my headphone and listening music in my sad or happy time. Even when I am running, walking, reading, or sleeping in bed, I indulge myself in a musical world and cannot take my headphone off. Do you have a moment that a lot of memories appear in your mind, you just want to spend time with your favorite music.

Everyone has a dream, and has been working hard to realize this dream.

After graduation from my university, I left my hometown to a strange city in the first time, and lived in unfamiliar environment, because I just wanted to achieve career success. While facing the pressure of work, I only wanted to go home, even gave up. On such occasion, I always took out my tiny Walk Man, put headphones in my ears and enjoyed my favorite song-Hero by Mariah Carey. The song always has the magic power that helps me go through troubled water. Finally, I insisted on the work, and witnessed my growth.

The Hero is a powerful song that can go into your heart, even go into your soul, you can get the answer, all the doubts are gone, a strong hero will stand out. With no fear, I believe that I can insist. When I feel with no hope, get into my deep heart, be strong, be powerful. Finally, you will find you are the hero.

We all know that it is very difficult in the process of realizing a dream, but no one can crush your own dream, don’t give up, tomorrow you will find your way.

I have special emotion to all the songs in my Sony Walk Man. Hero is just one of them.

When I am sad, play the happy songs, when I am thinking, play the soft ones, just enjoy…